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The sound of a sample is history repeating.

The concept of Since the 80s is similar to sampling: the transformation of old ethos learned from the past with present-day perspective. As babies born, raised, and ultimately students of the ‘80s, Since the 80s founders Barry “Hefner” Johnson, Kei Henderson, and Zeke Nicholson remember what the decade brought to the world of music: Revolution. Innovation. The glow of a new dawn. In the words of John Simon: “There is no point in saying less than  your predecessors,” they aim to bare new torches, light new fire, but never forgetting the era that showed them the way.

Some will call the ‘80s the Generation of MTV;  the Generation of Reaganomics―the era separating Generation X and Millennials. What matters more than the name is memories: what was seen, who was seen, and how ‘80s influence sculpted the ambitions of those watchful eyes. The ‘80s can not claim Hip-Hop’s invention, but it brought an age of golden creative artistry and inventive business-minds to the young, but growing culture. The legacies of LA Reid and Sylvia Rhone, Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons, Diddy and Andre Harrell, Lyor Cohen, and Steve Stout all begin to take shape in the 1980s paving the way for the current 20 & 30-something music executives.

Music isn’t the same if you remove Michael Jackson and Prince, New Edition and Run DMC, Wu-Tang Clan and the Beastie Boys from their 1980s launching pad. By the millions, albums sold. It was like artistic vortexes swallowing the world and bringing people together. Music, fashion and brand convergence changed in ways no one imagined―separate industries and cultures were intersecting. The idea of what music could sound, look and be marketed as had changed drastically. What is commonplace to the now, modern musician experience was pioneering and original.

You don’t have to be a baby of the ‘80s to understand how the special time period changed music forever; not only in Hip-Hop but the entertainment industry as a whole. As an artist first label, management and publishing company, Since the 80s is here to help creatives & manifest their destiny and bring to fruition their wildest visions. The founders vowed to take the lessons from those who came before them and evolve the game―1 artist and 1 fan at a time. Since the 80s doesn’t exist to repeat history but to make new history while paying homage and recognizing the efforts and achievements of those before them.

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