Earthgang’s 2015’s strays with rabies or the much-lauded 2013 shallow graves for toys, embody the best of the new generation of music—and plenty of critics and fans alike have taken note. Working with fellow Dreamville labelmate like J.I.D. and established producers like J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, they’ve continued to hit curve balls musically, surprising not only their fan base, but also themselves.

Now, they find themselves stretching beyond the “Indie Hip-Hop” brand, ready to reach a wider audience with sharp-slick lyrics that cut through the hazy blur of ratchet rap and an avid interest in never settling or resting on their laurels.

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Their 2017 EP release, RAGS is the first of a three-part EP series and shows Earthgang’s undeniable growth. The group says, “Rags represents being from the bottom. Shout out to everybody who came from the bottom and came from the lowest. At the bottom, there’s nothing but pure potential. Zero is pure potential.”

The three part EP series, RAGS, ROBOTS, and ROYALTY will turn non-believers into full out fans and prepare us all for the “MIRRORLAND” Album Takeover.


Band :
Title : Royalty
Release Date : February 10, 2018
Format : Digital Download