With Atlanta’s robust music scene as a backdrop, J.I.D. had already dabbled in making music and had gotten an overwhelmingly positive response to his first recording over Bun B’s “Pushin” back in high school. J.I.D. met and connected with fellow ATL transplants EarthGang in college, and started doing shows with them. When he moved back home, J.I.D. helped form the Spillage Village collective with EarthGang (who had also relocated back to Atlanta), producer Hollywood JB, Jordan Bryant and DJ DarkKnight. His Para Tu mixtape, which boasts the revered cut “Proverbs,” arrived in 2013.

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Steady on the grind, J.I.D. kept recording, networking and performing. His February 2015 mixtape, DiCaprio, was inspired by the acclaim J.I.D. felt the actor was lacking. “Leo wasn’t getting any type of recognition, and I felt like I wasn’t getting acknowledged in my field either,” J.I.D. explains of the project, which showcased his burgeoning lyricism and storytelling skills.

“I used different phrases and quotes from his movies in the mixtape, stuff that could get my thoughts out about being an underdog. That’s how I always felt being the youngest, but I knew one day that would change.”

The 25-year-old’s big break came organically. While on tour with EarthGang, who was opening for Dreamville artist Ab-Soul, J.I.D. met and developed a relationship – a brotherhood, really – with J. Cole, one that eventually led to J.I.D. signing to the North Carolina rapper’s imprint.

The next set of stories J.I.D. would tell are on his Never: Chapter 1 EP. “It’s all about whereI’ve been and how I’m leaving that area of my life and trying to make everything better,” he says. “Growing up in a big family and being the last, just sucked! This EP encapsulates how it felt.”

The frenetic lead single “Never” explores what it feels like when you’ve been deprived of everything you want. “I feel like a lot of people will like ‘Never’ because the messaging is not real flashy,” offers J.I.D. “I’m upset that I don’t have these things but at the end of the song there’s a brighter transition that let’s you know there’s hope for the future. The transition in that song is real special.”

Elsewhere, “Hereditary” showcases producer HalfTyme Slim’s musical chops and J.I.D.’s storytelling skills. “This song is about stuff I’ve been through with women in my past, being hurt and the lessons that you learn,” J.I.D. says. “It’s a beautiful song, I think. I hope people put respeck on it like it deserves.”

J. Cole produced the sublime “Night Vision,” which features J.I.D. and EarthGang examining issues pertaining to the Black community. “General,” by comparison, provides some biographical information on J.I.D.

“I want people to understand the struggles I’ve been through to get where I am today,” J.I.D. reveals. “Not so much the comfortability but the peace of mind. I want to show people what you can accomplish when you step outside of your comfort zone and try to better yourself.

Mine, is a common man’s story. This is a hopeful project.”

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Band :
Title : The Never Story
Release Date : May 10, 2017
Format : Digital Download