Born April 4th, 1993, Nathwan Whetherspoon, better known as Tooly Wap, has been creating an electrifying buzz around Pittsburgh since the day he picked up the microphone. “Tooly,” stemming from his notorious propensity to collect and carry guns, and “Wap,” later added after New Jersey artist Qbandz uttered the verse “Tooly Wap, Moola Bandz B*** that’s all we know,” gave way to the lyrical and melodic artist we know today.

Toolyʼs first brush with fame came after a childhood friend named Poppie released Toolyʼs song “Take a shot for me” on Facebook. In just two short days,

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the song boosted 60,000 views on the social media platform- making the budding artist a viral success.

The Larimer (Pittsburgh) native reflects and divulges details of his upbringing through his music. With his father being locked up and his mother not in the picture, young Tooly Wap meandered from group homes in Michigan and Lincoln, PA to 19 stints at juvenile detention centers. At the age of 13, Tooly reconnected with his grandmother, ultimately reconnecting him with his family.

Despite his new-found relationships with family, Tooly continued to have run in with the law.
At the age of 19, Tooly was convicted of selling Heroine and was sentenced to three years at the Houtzdale State Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania. While incarcerated, Tooly discovered his musical talents and cultivated what was initially a quick side hustle to a promising career. Tooly would sing and sell his music over the phone in exchange for money and support. Tooly quickly took notice of the lucrativeness and potential of his hustle and eventually pursued a professional career in music.

After being released, Tooly connected with a Pittsburg based musical collective named the One-Way Crew (Kush Wilks, Reese Youngin) and released 9 singles. The group built a major underground fan base around Pittsburgh doing shows and heavily engaging in the city’s music scene. Shortly after, Tooly was introduced to Lonnie Syke, who later became his manager; concurrently, Tooly parted ways from the One- Way Crew and began his stint as a solo artist. Tooly continued to make his way around the music scene and later met Quentin Cuff, rapper Mac Miller’s hype man. Quentin Cuff introduced Tooly to his roommate Ezekiel “Zeke” Johnson, co-manager to Dream Ville recording artist Earth Gang and J.I.D. After meeting Zeke and his business partner Barry Johnson, Tooly joined their management/recoding label and publishing company entitled ‘Since The 80ʼsʼ.


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